What we do


Business Improvement

High Velocity is a Business Improvement Training and Coaching Group that uses its own purpose-built methodology that combines the best practices of Six Sigma, Agile and Lean. We work at upskilling existing resources within your own business through Training and Coaching so that improvements are sustainable and continuous.

Continuous Improvement Framework Model Design

We specialise in helping companies design Continuous Improvement frameworks that identify and fix issues before they have a negative effect on your customers and your business.

This is designed for businesses that are yet to set up or don't have an effective Continuous Improvement model embedded in their business.

We work directly with senior leaders to help design and build a Continuous Improvement model that suits your business and then train and coach your team how to operate it.

Training & Coaching

It is one thing to train your staff but it is another thing to get them to retain and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired. This is what sets High Velocity’s training program apart. Not only do we train your staff, we actually coach them on how to implement what they have learned. It has been proven that people retain information more effectively if they put into practice what they have learned. This is at the heart of the HV Way.


Leadership Development & Mentoring

We unlock the performance of your leaders by developing their skills in problem-solving and people management. We do this by providing coaching and mentoring services for your executive and senior leaders.

This is what sets High Velocity’s methodology apart. We have taken the best elements from Six Sigma, as well as Lean and Agile, and have developed a methodology that is easier to implement, therefore giving you quicker results. We are confident that you will notice an improvement in your business within six to eight weeks.