What Is The Most Effective Way Of Delivering Corporate Training And Coaching?

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Effective Way Delivering Corporate Training Coaching

Employee development is a very tricky and sometimes sensitive topic and can often be misunderstood by your staff. Please read below as we tackle this topic in greater detail.

While most people are quite receptive to the idea of training and coaching when they are brand new to a company, once they have been in a role for a while it is not uncommon for them to resist change and to view training as being a waste of their working day.

Delivering effective training or coaching in a corporate setting means providing engaging training, and getting the trainees to ‘buy-in’ to the idea so they don’t feel like their time is being wasted.

Why Coach Your Employees?

Consistent coaching is an important element of improving employee morale and also of employee retention.

When employees are brought in to a company and taught from day one to expect that the company will be providing them with regular training, they are more likely to see the training as a ‘value add’ for working at the company.

Consistent coaching provides people with an understanding of “where they are” and of what the company’s long-term targets are.

It is an opportunity for team leaders to check in with people, to remind people of best practices, and to do regular performance reviews in a less intimidating manner.

This works well compared to the more traditional authoritarian style of leadership.

Effective Way Delivering Corporate Training Coaching

Effective Training and Coaching Techniques

The first thing that you should understand is that coaching and training are different things. While they are both about developing people, the way that it is done is different.

  • Training is about delivering knowledge
  • Coaching is about enhancing skills and development

To go more into depth, training is about getting the job done – taking someone who has little or no knowledge and explaining to them how to do the job.

Coaching is about taking someone who knows how to do the job and then giving them the small tips, trips and troubleshooting advice that will help them to become even better at the job.

Training can be delivered at a basic level by most people who have skills in a specific area. Coaching involves an even more in-depth understanding, and the ability to ask questions and to tailor the content delivery to the person who is being coached.

Effective Techniques for Corporate Training and Coaching

In a corporate setting, taking an employee away from their desk so that they can be trained means that they are not being productive.

This could be a very expensive proposition depending on the size of the company and the size of the group to be trained.

Because of how disruptive this can be, it’s important that you take into account the purpose and goals of the training, are you aiming to:

  • Provide people with new skills
  • Hone existing skills
  • Reinforce good workplace behaviour
  • Highlight policy changes
  • Promote health and safety

Are you delivering the session to:

  • New staff
  • Existing staff
  • Team leaders/executives

Your approach to training will depend on who is being trained, and the purpose of the session.

Effective Way Delivering Corporate Training Coaching

Train the Trainer as An Approach to Teaching and Learning

The idea of “train the trainer” is something that is becoming increasingly important in the workplace at the moment.

Train the trainer is an approach that involves teaching trainers how to engage with trainees and inspiring the trainees to learn.

Good corporate trainers understand the subject that they are teaching well and are great facilitators. They know how to communicate with their audience, and they understand the industry that they are working in.

This helps with buy-in, and it helps with communication.

Anyone who has ever attended a training course where the trainer simply stands there and reads from a script will know how difficult it is to retain information delivered in that way, even if they are genuinely interested in the course material.

The way that the course material is delivered matters a lot. Trainers should have a rapport with their trainees, and they should be engaging and positive.

Excessive repetition might backfire, and offensive jokes or anecdotes may also cause problems. Trainers should be personable, punctual, professional and disciplined.

One option that can work well, if you have respected and well-liked staff members, is to have one of those staff members be trained up as a trainer and to have that staff member provide both entry-level training and ongoing coaching.

Peer mentoring, or mentoring between a higher-level executive in an unrelated department and a staff member progressing up the corporate ladder can also be helpful.

At High Velocity, we offer business coaching services and business improvement consulting. These can help people to fix issues within their companies or departments before the issues become problems.

We can help you to evaluate the way that your business is working on a macro and micro level. We can help you address cultural and behavioural issues with the business, and build a more enthusiastic, driven and motivated team.

External trainers can deliver the conceptual information that the managers and team leaders need to see things from a fresh perspective.

From there, in-house trainers can work with your ‘on the ground’ employees and help them to get started with a new way of doing things.

It takes buy-in at all levels to really revitalise a business so that it can achieve its full potential. We are here to get you there at High Velocity Business Improvement Coaching.

At High Velocity Business Improvement Coaching, we are able to help you improve a vast number of areas across your business through our coaching programs.

We can coach your business to understand your problems, the size of the problems and how to solve the true root cause of these problems.

Please contact us today to book a free consultation or for more information.

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